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Vision Statement

At TBP Hub our vision is to perpetually evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of virtual experiences by shaping user preferences and elevating their experiences in the realm of gaming entertainment. We are committed to propelling startups and individual entrepreneurs, empowering them to drive innovation and creativity within the gaming industry.

What does TBP mean to us? (Core Values)

Transform: We are committed to continuous improvement, innovation, and embracing change. We believe in the power of transformation to bring about positive developments in our personal and professional lives. By staying adaptable and forward-thinking, we strive to evolve and grow in all aspects of our endeavors.

Believe: Our foundation is built on the belief in the potential of individuals, teams, and ideas. We trust in our abilities and the abilities of those around us. This belief empowers us to overcome challenges, pursue excellence, and achieve our goals. We foster an environment where everyone is encouraged to dream big and work towards making those dreams a reality.

Propel: We are driven by a relentless pursuit of progress and excellence. Our aim is to propel forward the gaming community and the virtual world at large. We focus on creating momentum, inspiring action, and making a tangible impact. By setting ambitious goals and working diligently towards them, we aim to lead by example and make a significant difference in everything we do.

Our Approach

TBP Hub's unique approach lies in its comprehensive ecosystem that combines strategic investment, talent cultivation, and social responsibility, all focused on driving innovation and sustainable value in the blockchain and gaming industries. We prioritize quality over readiness, organic player acquisition, and effective advertising and adaptive marketing. TBP fuses the substantial impact of gaming, known for its impressive revenue generation, and adds the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency. As we continue to embark on our digital journey it enables our investors to partake in a consistent stream of passive income through our revenue-sharing model.

TBP Verticals

TBP Investment Hub

At the heart of our ecosystem, the Investment Hub is where we strategically grow our digital treasury through post-development funding, innovative blockchain strategies, and strategic partnerships, driving sustainable value for our community. 3% of trading fees from the token are respectively invested into the development of gaming products, partnerships with Key Opinion Leaders in the Web3 industry, and towards the marketing of impactful gaming campaigns.

TBP Network Hub

Our studio network is passionately devoted to fostering the development of groundbreaking projects, propelling creativity within the gaming industry. We will establish ourselves as leaders in the industry by building a network of the most talented game developers and studios. TBP Hub is positioned to be an accelerator and launchpad for game developers and studios by developing key-turn products and solutions.

TBP Social Responsibility Framework (SRF)

Our commitment to making a positive impact extends to our Social Responsibility Framework, where we focus on giving back to young technologist, educating them on the power of innovation and enriching their professional endeavors.

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