🤝The Studio Network

Our studio network is passionately devoted to fostering the development of groundbreaking projects and propelling creativity within the gaming industry. We will establish ourselves as leaders in the industry by building a network of the most talented game developers and studios. TBP Hub is positioned to be an accelerator and launchpad for game developers and studios by developing key-turn products and solutions.

What are the benefits of an accelerator like TBP Hub?

  1. Access to Resources and Expertise

    • Joining a launchpad or accelerator provides game developers with access to valuable resources such as funding, technology, and mentorship. This environment offers expert guidance on business development, marketing strategies, and technical support, which can be crucial for startups or independent studios looking to scale their projects efficiently.

  2. Networking and Industry Connections

    • These programs often offer extensive networking opportunities, connecting developers with industry veterans, potential partners, and other developers. This can lead to collaborations, knowledge exchange, and potential pathways to distribute and market their games more effectively.

  3. High Growth Potential

    • Investing in a gaming launchpad or accelerator allows investors to tap into early-stage gaming ventures that have high growth potential. The gaming industry is rapidly expanding, and being part of an accelerator means getting early access to innovative projects and teams that could lead to significant returns on investment as these projects mature and gain market traction.

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